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PHDSPromoting Healthy Development Survey
PHDSProgressive Handlebar Damping System
PHDSProgramme for Highly Dependable Systems (South Africa)
PHDSPipe Hanger Design Software
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Quite contrary to the HEC report about the shortage of PhDs, the opportunities for PhDs are so limited that they are compelled to compete with simple graduates for jobs in schools and other organisations.
Senator Nauman Wazir Khattak while discussing the quality of the PhDs in the country recommended chairman HEC to trace out the scholars who completed PhD in different fields and now what they are producing.
Kenyans had questioned why the university was producing many PhDs with no innovations despite being an agriculture and technology institution.
It said that many PhDs were working on BPS-16 and BPS-17 levels, which did not do justice to PhD graduates.
Phil is advertised, many PhDs apply to these jobs, and ultimately, they serve on the posts for which they are overqualified," the agenda said.
They were protesting that the government had spent millions of rupees in sending them abroad on scholarships and when they returned to serve their country after completing PhD from there, they were not being offered employment.
According to the statement, eligibility criteria under Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme will be reviewed to strengthen placement of PhD graduates in all HEC recognised universities.
While the overall number of PhDs granted is down, universities expect approximately 82% of their current students to obtain their doctoral degree.
In general, PhDs in engineering, hard sciences and social sciences have an easier time applying their skill set to non-academic jobs than PhDs in the humanities.
It set a record in the country by producing over 200 PhDs last year.
It would seem, because most of the professors supervising PhD students have themselves got their degrees in dubious ways, they are not in position to gauge the progress of scholarship and the logical skills of the PhD candidates under their ward.
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