PHACEPrairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment (field experiment; Ft. Collins, CO)
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The carotid artery anomalies associated with PHACE syndrome (including aplasia/hypoplasia, stenosis and redundancy) as well as persistent stapedial arteries encountered in the temporal bone are included within this category.
(2) Most hemangiomas occur in otherwise healthy infants; however, almost one third of patients with hemangiomas >22 [cm.sup.2] also have PHACES syndrome, which stands for posterior fossa, hemangioma, arterial anomalies, cardiac defects, eye abnormalities, and sternal cleft.
PHACE/S is a syndromic form of infantile segmental hemangioma described by Friedon et al in 1996.1 It is more common in females, almost 88% of PHACE infants are female.2
Exclusion criteria included history of hypoglycemia, asthma or bronchospasm, patients with known cardiac abnormalities, and patients with PHACES (posterior fossa malformations, hemangioma, arterial anomalies, cardiac defects, eye abnormalities, and sternal clefts) syndrome.
An eye specialist, heart specialist, hematologist, and other pediatric specialists may need to be involved in evaluation for possible syndromes such as PHACE (a syndrome with posterior fossa (brain) abnormalities, hemangiomas, arterial abnormalities, cardiac problems, and eye abnormalities) or Kassabach Merritt.
The study, Prairie Heating and C[O.sup.2] Enrichment (PHACE), will run for the next five to 10 years.
Before beginning, the researchers had to tailor an ecosystem model--based on earlier experimental results--to the PHACE site in southern Wyoming.
Phase A 1.50 Genamin KDMP 2.20 Genapol L-3 3.00 Tego Alkanol 6855 0.80 Preservative Phase B Deionized water 84.53 Glycerin 3.00 Citric acid 10% 0.12 Phace C Ginseng Herbamilk 3.00 Phase D Ginger Herbasol Extract IPM 1.00 Cetiol HE 0.50 Fragrance 0.35 PROCEDURE: Heat phase A and phase B separately to 75[degrees]C.
This second edition updates previous chapters and includes new syndromes, such as PHACE, AEC, EEC, Griscelli and Birt-Hogg-Dube.
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