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On a related note: Pharmacogenomics is an exciting field with far-reaching implications for healthcare.
Diagnostic laboratories are marketing pharmacogenomics services to physicians and in some cases, patients too.
Pharmacogenomics research includes studying the genes and proteins that play essential roles in drug responses.
Pharmacogenomics in drug development and regulatory decision-making: the Genomic Data Submission (GDS) proposal.
Pharmacogenomics is a broader concept that examines the differential effects of various drugs across the genome or on the expression of multiple genes, largely in vitro (including DNA, RNA and proteins), and endeavours to develop new compounds to target these molecules.
Researchers and clinicians expect to use pharmacogenomics to look at the entire genome in a particular individual and to predict drug response.
Overall, this book provides an excellent summary of aspects of pharmacogenomics that are often overlooked.
Additional plans include a site for sharing case studies demonstrating the utility of pharmacogenomics in patient care, a site listing current publications relating to pharmacogenomics in patient care with direct links to the articles where possible.
Affomix, the pioneer in digital proteomic reagents for next generation molecular assays and the leader in automated, high-throughput monoclonal antibody selection technology, today announced a collaboration with the internationally recognized University of Montreal Pharmacogenomics Centre (PGx Centre) and the Montreal Heart Institute.
This report contains over 140 links to online copies of actual pharmacogenomics deals and contract documents as submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by companies and their partners.
Other links lead to the Department of Energy's site on pharmacogenomics, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America's genomics resource guide, the Human Genetic Cell Repository, dbSNP (a database of single-nucleotide polymorphisms), the Protein Data Bank, and PharmGKB.