PHEMAPoly 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate
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1 g of dried pHEMA was dissolved in 10 ml of acetone water mixture (80:20) solution.
This confirms the successful coating of pHEMA on the SF.
70 [mg/gcreatinine (n = 80) (n = 33) (mean [+ or -] SD)] PHEMA levels [mg/g creatinine (mean [+ or -] SD)] M1 (RR + RS) 1.
2002) and urinary excretion of PHEMAs in styrene-exposed workers (Haufroid et al.
In the present investigation an effort was made to prepare and characterize the hydrogel of human amnion using PHEMA with different initiators using potassium per sulfate and sodium metabisulfite.
Graft Copolymerization of PHEMA onto amniotic membrane : The graft opolymerization reactions were carried out in a 250ml round bottomed flask.
The synthesized PHEMA was dried for 10 h at 60[degrees]C under vacuum.
Synthesis of PHEMA Containing Triethoxysillyl Group (PHEMA-S)
So it was important to dry the PHEMA sample at 80[degrees]C during 48 h under vacuum before measurements.
DSC results for PU, PHEMA and semi-IPNs synthesized by photopolymerization are presented in Table 1.
The dynamic-mechanical behavior of the IPNs in which the second network is PMMA is significantly different from that of the IPNs with PHEMA as second network, as shown in Figs.
No remarkable feature is shown by these values; the modulus of the PBA network is slightly lower than those of PMMA or PHEMA networks, and the PBA/PMMA or PBA/PHEMA IPNs show intermediate values between those of the pure components.