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Kinetics of the second order in general was also observed by Sorokin, when he studied the non-catalyzed reaction of phenyl glycidyl ether with caproic acid (Sorokin, 1968).
This agrees with Sorokin's results (Sorokin, 1968) who found that the reaction of n-butyl phthalate with phenyl glycidyl ether under catalysis by tertiary amines displayed kinetics of the first order with respect to the epoxy compound and of zero order with respect to monoester.
The polymerization rate of phenyl glycidyl ether (PGE) initiated by DMAP will be compared with that obtained using a typical initiator like benzyldimethylamine (BDMA).
Reactions typically involve the use of ethylene oxide, phenyl glycidyl ether (with lithium compounds as catalysts), N-glycidyl isocyanuric acid or other mono-functional epoxy compounds which reduce the polyester carboxyl content several fold after one extrusion pass.