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PTMPlease Tell Me
PTMParent-Teacher Meeting
PTMPricing-to-Market (sales)
PTMPacket Transfer Mode
PTMPlease Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA)
PTMPulse-Time Modulation
PTMPredictive Technology Model
PTMPowdered Toast Man (Ren & Stimpy cartoon character)
PTMPart-Time Manager
PTMPassenger Transfer Message (airline industry)
PTMPhonetically Tied Mixture
PTMPaint-to-Match (automobiles)
PTMPolyTracker Module Format (digital music file format)
PTMPersonnel Transport Module (for Landing Craft Air Cushion, LCAC)
PTMPhoton Tunneling Microscopy
PTMProof Test Model
PTMPall Trinity Micro (Cortland, NY)
PTMPetition to Modify
PTMPerformance and Talent Management (efficiency measurement)
PTMPush to Media (telecommunications)
PTMPulse Time Multiplex
PTMPlesiochronous Transfer Mode
PTMPencil Thin Mustache (Jimmy Buffet song)
PTMPartner Territory Manager (Sprint)
PTMPassenger Transfer Manifest (aviation)
PTMPaneer Tikka Masala (food)
PTMPipe Traffic Manager (InterMidi)
PTMPaddle Tension Monitor
PTMPhysical Technology Model
PTMPropulsion Technology Modernization
PTMPerformance Test Model
PTMParallel Table Management (Red Brick)
PTMPower Transducer Module
PTMPhenyltrimethoxysilane (chemistry)
PTMProject Team Management
PTMPost-Translational Modifications
PTMPortugal The Man (band)
PTMPorsche Traction Management
PTMParticle Theory of Matter
PTMPhysico-Technical Medicine
PTMPrime Target Market
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Concerning thermoset organic matrices, silica-based organic-inorganic hybrid resins were synthesized by NHSG from 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane and diphenylsilanediol (DPSD) at a fixed amount of phenyltrimethoxysilane (20 mol%) using barium hydroxide as a catalyst for potential use in encapsulating commercial phosphor powder for white light emitting devices (LEDs) [17], Also cycloaliphatic epoxy oligosiloxane resins were proposed as UV-curable resins for application in encapsulation of organic LEDs [18],
In their study, cohy-drolysis of phenyltrimethoxysilane or diphenyldimethoxy-silane with tetramethoxysilane was occurred and promising selectivity was obtained for carbon dioxide/nitrogen ([CO.
Trimethoxysilane (98%), phenyltrimethoxysilane (98%), vinyltrimethoxysilane (98%), methyltrimethoxysilane (98%,) and diphenyldimethoxysilane (98%) were purchased from Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co.
3] for both trimethoxysilane and phenyltrimethoxysilane.
Five trifunctional methoxysilane compounds (RTMS; n-hexyltrimethoxysilane [C6TMS], n-decyltrimethoxysilane [C10TMS], n-tetradecyltrimethoxysilane [C14TMS], n-octadecyltrimethoxysilane [C18TMS], and phenyltrimethoxysilane [PhTMS]) were purchased from Tokyo Kasei Kogyo Co.