PHEROPublic Health and Epidemiology Report Ontario (Canada)
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As King Phero, swing and bungee launch to escape eerie levels and complete exciting challenges.
Phero Tech has found it necessary to concentrate on all aspects of this technology from chemical synthesis and trap design to field implementation.
A continuing strength for Phero Tech has been our close association with university and government research and extension personnel such as Simon Fraser University, the National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the United States Forest Service, and the Science Council of British Columbia.
Phero Tech employs Canadians (22 at last count) and markets its products and services worldwide.
Phero Tech is well positioned to be a key supplier of the worldwide expanding semiochemical product market due mainly to an increase in integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated resource management (IRM).
Finally, there is the Demotic version of the Pheros story found in the fragmentary Stories of Petese, recently published by Kim Ryholt.
101) Nonetheless, the Demotic version of the Pheros story illustrates how an Egyptian audience would have understood the man's speech to Pharaoh: "placing someone in a furnace" is an execution reserved for traitors and rebels against kings and gods, but here it is the king himself whom an offended party believes deserving of such a death.
La legende de Pheros d'apres Herodote (II, 111)," Chronique d 'Egypte 55 (1953): 248-60.
By contrast, in the earlier Herodotus version of the Pheros story, the king is struck blind for throwing his spear into the heart of the river at the height of its flood--suggesting some kind of defiant or perhaps prideful action against the divine Nile.
But Pheros is a product for men and women, not science journals.
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