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P4CPhilosophy for Children (educational movement)
P4CPress for Conversion (publication; Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade)
P4CPage Four Color
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SAPERE, founded in 1992, is the internationally recognised educational charity that promotes Philosophy for Children, known as P4C.
Keywords: critical thinking; epistemology; critical dialogue; philosophy for children; elementary school pupils; responsible education
Santi (2012) "The missing dimensions of children's well-being and well-becoming in education systems: capabilities and philosophy for children".
Feedback from the teachers in the trial suggests that the Philosophy for Children approach had a beneficial impact on wider outcomes such as confidence, patience and self-esteem too.
Although in philosophy for children this term has been extended to all kinds of research, scientific or nonscientific ones.
The Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC) founded by Lipman in Montclair State University, for instance, holds an annual summer residential workshop in a retreat house in Mendham, New Jersey where participants undergo an intensive workshop on P4C.
Philosophy for children through the secondary curriculum.
Michael Pritchard (2009) writes the entry for 'philosophy for children' that again begins with Piaget to focus on the empirical account of Gareth Matthews, Matthew Lipman, McPeck and others, before profiling The Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC).1
Year 2 students from Beech School, Golcar, visited residents at Sycamore Grange Retirement home, as they all took part in an activity called Philosophy for Children.
The contributions are divided into four sections: 1) Lessons from Classical Pragmatists (three essays), 2) Learning from John Dewey (four essays), 3) Philosophy for Children (three essays), and 4) Recent Pragmatist Theories (three essays and one interview).
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