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PHLPhilippines (ISO Country code)
PHLPost-Harvest Loss (agriculture)
PHLPublic Health Law
PHLPlanet Half-Life (Half-life news site)
PHLPublic Health Laboratory
PHLPattern Hair Loss (androgenetic alopecia)
PHLPremier Hockey League (India)
PHLPublic High League (St. Louis, MO)
PHLProfessional Handicappers League
PHLPublic Health Language (National Health Service; UK)
PHLPersonal Homeowner Loan
PHLPreliminary Hazard List
PHLPacific Hydro Limited (utility; Australia)
PHLPacific Hockey League
PHLPhiladelphia, PA, USA - Philadelphia International Airport (Airport Code)
PHLPotential Hy's Law (health)
PHLPakistan Hypertension League
PHLPhilly 30th St Station (Amtrak station code)
PHLProperty Help Line
PHLPassenger Hospital Lift
PHLPlayers Hockey League
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Feroze Memon suggested that other chapters of PHL should also be allowed to start such certificate courses.
She said that there was a flight heading out for PHL at 4:35 p.
He is still a driver but doesn't work for PHL Taxi anymore.
Although rare, it is important to recognize PHL because it responds favorably to chemotherapy and may have a better prognosis than hepatocellular carcinoma or metastatic disease of the liver.
The results of the study purported that total PHL value of the rose cut-flower at the different levels of the marketing chain was Rs.
Based on the clinical and imaging findings, the differential diagnosis of PHL may include: hepatic adenoma, focal nodular hyperplasia, fibrolamellar carcinoma, hemangioma or hepatocellular carcinoma (Table1).
PHL is one of the six bidders for a casino management license in Philadelphia.
PHL takes on even more importance because of its links to societal concerns regarding food security, sustainability, and poverty.
PHL has embarked on an expansion plan to expand the capacity of its existing hotel PIK from current 122 rooms to 169 rooms at an aggregate cost of Rs.
Authorities later determined that the bag contained no explosive materials, and normal operations resumed at PHL by late Monday night.
Canadian researchers studied PHL in 1279 extremely premature infants born at 28 weeks or less between 1974 and 2003.
The eventual goal of PHL was to learn about its customer base with an eye to increasing its market.