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PCFHPhone Calls from Home (band)
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Something that didn't happen 20 (cough) years ago was getting phone calls from home. Cathy's reminiscing was interrupted with telephoned requests for help in locating football socks, shin pads and sorting out why the seven-year-old forgot to go for school lunches!
(However, she made over 100 work-related phone calls from home that day!) Our nurse educator had no power and was flooded in, so she too was unavailable.
I kept getting these phone calls from home - tragedy after tragedy.
I've been getting phone calls from home and you can just hear the excitement in the background.'
7 When you make phone calls from home, you accidentally dial "9" to get an outside line.
The panicky phone calls from home continue: "Have you met anyone yet?" Back in Bombay on vacation, Anju finally likes a man picked out by her parents, only to discover that he has a guilty secret.
Indeed,judging by the panicking phone calls from home,all the madness regarding Liverpool's trip here was left in England.
In addition to observing his house, the Ameritech security staff called up Morris's personal home telephone records to see whether he was making personal phone calls from home during "work" time.
THE cost of phone calls from home is set to fall as a battle rages to control the pounds 2billion-a-year business.
I made the phone calls from home, and unfortunately the flights weren't all sponsored by the airlines either.
"It was obvious to me that they had little legal representation so far and that their knowledge of how things were developing was fragmentary and based on titbits from various sources - other prisoners, television, the attitudes of the guards, the occasional visit from their lawyers and phone calls from home."