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Rudorf's exhaustive exploration of phoneme-to-grapheme correspondences, uncovering an 80% consistency within a corpus of 17,310 English words, has resulted in no pedagogical applications (Hanna et al.
Uitspreken-wat-er-staat: een effectieve spellingtraining voor woorden met inconsistente foneem-grafeem relaties [Overpronunciation: An effective spelling training for words with inconsistent phoneme-to-grapheme relations].
Following Vernon and Ferreiro's procedures, evaluators could collect a writing sample based on topics the children choose and analyze them for conventional writing (phoneme-to-grapheme correspondence), conventional-restricted writing (partial accuracy), or unconventional writing forms.
While word frequency has been used as the predictor of difficulty associated with the direct route in spelling, predictors of the difficulty associated with the phonological route have relied on some measure of polygraphy, for example, inconsistency or ambiguity associated with the phoneme-to-grapheme mappings in English (Baxter & Warrington, 1987; Kreiner, 1992).
Campbell, 1983) argue phoneme-to-grapheme conversion never becomes independent of lexical skill in adult reading.