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PELPermissible Exposure Limit
PELPermissible Exposure Level
PELPrimary Effusion Lymphoma
PELPicture Element
PELProjet Educatif Local (French: Local Education Project)
PELPak Elektron Limited (Pakistani home appliances brand)
PELPlan Epargne Logement (French: Housing Savings Plan)
PELPelagic Fish (FAO fish species code)
PELPulley End Left
PELPerformance Point Expression Language
PELPower Electronics Laboratory (University of California, Irvine)
PELPaid Education Leave
PELPublic Entertainment Licence (UK)
PELPortfolio Européen des Langues (French: European Language Portfolio)
PELProgram for Experienced Learners (Eckerd College)
PELPhonetic Element (speech sound model)
PELPatient Education Library (various locations)
PELPhrenoesophageal Ligament
PELPhysics Express Letters
PELPrioritized Effects List
PELProximity Electron Lithography
PELPrecision Elastic Limit (stress level)
PELProtocol Engineering Laboratory
PELPrecautionary Emergency Landing (US DoD)
PELPortable Emergency Lighting
PELPotential Evasion Locale
PELPoint Engineering Limited (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
PELPrimary Equipment Location
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Thus readers are able to decipher their meanings by observing the form element and the pronunciation by phonetic element.
Baxter proposes to reconstruct the word [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE OR ASCII] hwang with a labialized initial *w- on the basis of the phonetic element [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE OR ASCII] wang < *wjang.
This was not merely a matter of employing fewer kanji; rather, even when the modern writer made extensive use of kanji (Mishima, for example, is at least as modern as Shiga Naoya), the phonetic element would take precedence over the figurative as the text moved closer to being a transcription of speech even in its descriptive and narrative portions.
According to Lee, the 'language of gods' he created follows the phonetic principles of ancient languages and integrates different dialects such as Taiwanese, Hakka, the Suzhou dialect, and Cantonese, in which ancient Chinese phonetic elements have been largely preserved, to create that sense of historic remoteness.
When one learns to sing in a new language, not only must one learn all the phonetic elements of that language, one must also learn its phonological features, and understand that they constitute a fundamental component of the grammar of that language: "Just as they need to learn the phonological system, language learners need to learn the appropriate patterns of language-specific coarticulation.
Work On Phonetic Elements Is Performed By Verbo-Tonal Strategy.
Exploring the influence of the cultures that preceded the Aztecs (Xochicalco and Tula), The Aztecs reveals breakthroughs in hieroglyphic cryptology (pictographic and phonetic elements combine in Aztec script similar to conventions in Classic Maya writing) and delves into what the latest discoveries (such as that of the twelve-ton monolith of the goddess Tlaltecuhtli) have to tell us about the Aztecs.
Both the semantic and the phonetic elements contribute to the generation of meaning.
help pupils with phonetic elements as pupils read along and cannot identify unknown words.
These include: word frequency lists; a list of basic phonetic elements (consonant blends, digraphs, etc.