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PLBPlattsburgh, NY, USA (Airport Code)
PLBPremier League Board (Ghana)
PLBPlanning and Lands Bureau (Hong Kong)
PLBPrivate Label Branch
PLBPipe Lay Barge
PLBPlanning and Landing Bureau (Hong Kong)
PLBPulse Length Limiting & Blanking
PLBProgrammable Logic Block (basic blocks of a field programmable gate array)
PLBPayload Bay
PLBPersonal Locator Beacon (see SARBE)
PLBPassenger Loading Bridge (airport)
PLBProductivity Linked Bonus
PLBPower Line Broadband (FCC)
PLBPhospholamban (cardiac calcium regulation)
PLBParti Louvri Baryé (French: Open the Gate Party, Haiti)
PLBPursed Lip Breathing
PLBPurchase and Leaseback (transaction)
PLBProcessor Local Bus (high-performance, on-chip bus)
PlbPolabian (linguistics)
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Prominent among these proteins is phospholamban (PLB), a transmembrane protein that is located in the cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) and binds to and regulates the activity of a [Ca.
Each became interested in the work of the other, and now the two are pairing up to screen patients' blood samples for mutations in the phospholamban protein.
2+] affinity is underscored by the existence of two membrane inserted regulator proteins phospholamban (PLB) and sarcolipin (SLN) (5).
Chien's team slightly modified the gene for phospholamban so that it encodes a molecule with less-than-normal braking effect.
Effects of BPS on ryanodine receptor (RyR) and phospholamban (PLN) phosphorylation in female rat ventricular myocytes.
Phosphorylation of phospholamban and troponin 1 in beta-adrenergic-induced acceleration of cardiac relaxation.
In vitro and preclinical animal efficacy data will be presented describing the use of ZFP transcription factors (ZFP TF(TM)) designed to turn off the expression of the phospholamban gene in heart muscle as a potential treatment for congestive heart failure.
Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Targeted Genetics agreed to commit $2 million towards the development, manufacture and preclinical development of AAV vectors containing the SERCA2a gene and phospholamban gene mutations.
Study results show that engineered ZFPs can successfully repress Phospholamban (PLN), a critical regulator of cardiac homeostasis and muscle contractility.
He also presented the first in vivo data from Sangamo's program to develop a ZFP TF to shut off the expression of phospholamban (PLN) for treatment of congestive heart failure.
Abstract # 931 Enhanced Cardiac Muscle Contractility Achieved by Engineered Zinc Finger Transcriptional Repressors of Phospholamban Saturday, June 5th, 2004.
In addition, the two companies agreed to jointly collaborate on using ZFP TFs for the regulation of phospholamban (PLN) for the treatment of congestive heart failure.
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