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Persian, Lydian, East Greek, Phrygian, and other styles and customs combine or are found together, as exemplified by the "Lydian Treasure," which Baughan addresses at some length.
There are several aspects that contribute to the Spanish flavor of the passage: the use of the Phrygian mode; the harmonic clashing of members belonging to the E minor and F major chords (or E major and F major in mm.
The use of flamenco style here is particularly notable since certain types of flamenco music are based tonally on the Phrygian mode, regarded by classical musicologists as "exciting and emotional" (West, "Music in antiquity" 58), and often, according to the theory of modal effects on temperament, believed to counter melancholy, which corresponds to the bodily humor of black bile (Porras, "Musica como terapia" 277).
The Phrygian scale follows the Dorian by lowering the second scale degree.
Refinery29 reported that throughout French history, Marianne has often appeared with her head covered in a Phrygian cap and her breasts were not always displayed.
A recent and far-reaching court ruling concerning the protection of archaeological cultural property can be found in the 'Phrygian case'.
Shades of Mixolydian, Phrygian and Dorian color the tunes while including additional chromatic inflections associated with klezmer modes.
Savor each of these songs: Beyond the Horizon, Puesta del Sol (for JDZ), Across the Burning Sands, Cielo Azul, Highland Dreams (for Fiona), Odyssey of Fire, Shadow & Light, Corazone de Fuego, Phrygian Suite, Op.
Differential diagnosis for duplicate gallbladder includes a folded gallbladder, choledochal cyst, phrygian cap, pericholecystic fluid, gallbladder diverticulum, and vascular band across the gallbladder.
Malvinni clarifies the matter in his written episodic analysis, noting that Garcia settles into "the Phrygian note set, E, F, D," and that his invocation of this particular modal collection "functions as an alteration, a quasi blue note in this context, rather than a full-blown modal shift" (p.
In one relief on the railing that wraps around Stupa 2 at the same site, a rampant lion is shown resisting the attack of a warrior dressed in a Phrygian cap, a cuirass, and boots.
Turkey, where the mythical Phrygian King Midas turned everything to gold and Trojan King Priam was said to amass his gold hoard, has historically been a centre for gold mining.