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PAEEPhysical Activity Energy Expenditure
PAEEPennsylvania Alliance for Environmental Education
PAEEPay and Employment Equity (New Zealand)
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2010) Nonprescribed physical activity energy expenditure is maintained with structured exercise and implicates a compensatory increase in energy intake.
The total physical activity energy expenditure was an average of 1025+1856 MET-mins/week (median 200 MET-mins/week).
The physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE: kcal/day) was defined as average daily energy expenditure due to physical activity and objectively measured by a tri-axial accelerometer device (Active Style Pro HJA-350IT; Omron Healthcare, Kyoto, Japan) (Ohkawara et al.
MoCA, MMSE, PAEE, and BMI denote Montreal Cognitive Assessment, Mini-Mental State Examination, physical activity energy expenditure, and body mass index, respectively.
21,22) With advances in the standardisation of surveillance methodology and the introduction of more objective measures of physical activity energy expenditure and inactivity, (36) the relationships between physical activity, inactivity, fitness and the prevalence of chronic diseases have become better understood.
2004) Branched equation modelling of simultaneous accelerometry and heart rate monitoring improves estimate of directly measured physical activity energy expenditure.
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