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PHY DAMPhysical Damage (casualty insurance)
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A relatively short-lived conflict, lasting a few weeks, would cause material physical damage, but not fundamentally or durably weaken Korea's economy, government finances or institutions.
Physical Damage Coverage: $40,000 for Hired/Leased Physical Damage only subject to a $1,000 deductible comprehensive and $1,000 deductible collision.
This PC360 story is excerpted from: In order to rate physical damage coverage, the agent and insured must arrive at a stated amount of coverage.
Physical damage to even just a few select pieces of equipment in either of these areas can disrupt a broadcast, impacting a station's overall revenue, ratings, and reputation.
Coverages available: Auto (truck) liability, non-trucking use (bobtail/deadhead), physical damage, pollution liability for truckers, motor truck cargo, umbrella/ excess, contingent liability.
6 shook eastern Venezuela on Friday, leaving minimal physical damage, the U.
Many equipment owners who recognize the importance of covering their machines with Physical Damage Insurance have chosen Cat Insurance as their carrier.
CPI is a commercial product that protects the collateral on credit unions' loan portfolios against uninsured physical damage exposures.
With little or no physical damage to report, most companies could get no relief from their insurance carriers.
Civil Authority: Covers loss of business income and extra expense sustained from governmental denial of access to your property due to physical damage to third-party property.
Eating for Recovery: The Essential Nutritional Plan to Reverse the Physical Damage of Alcoholism" is a guide to reversing the long term physical damage than heavy drinking does to the body.