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PEBPhysical Evaluation Board (US DoD)
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PEBPrêts Entre Bibliothèques
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PEBPerformance Evaluation Board
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PEBPlus Expressways Berhad (Malaysia)
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PEBPacific Edge Biotechnology Limited (Dunedin, New Zealand)
PEBPower Equivalent Bandwidth (telecommunications)
PEBPrice Evaluation Board (US DoD)
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PEBPacific-East Bay Division (Northern California Demolay Association; International Order of DeMolay)
PEBPlan d'Exposition aux Bruit (French: Noise Exposure Plan)
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The Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Office for each military service branch was also queried for each of the identified SM As.
For more information about the retention process, contact your local physical evaluation board liaison officer.
RTD rate and Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Office (PEBLO) disability ratings are the best rating scales the military has to determine functionality and disability after severe injury [5-8].
Then my mom said, 'I'm going to come down there, and you're going to ask for a physical evaluation board.
The DES is composed of the medical evaluation board (MEB) and the physical evaluation board (PEB).
Of the four phases comprising IDES, the medical evaluation board phase increasingly fell short of timeliness goals, while the physical evaluation board phase, although meeting goals, was taking increasingly more time to complete.
Soldiers who are unable to return to full military duty because of an illness or injury are referred to a medical evaluation board and assigned a physical evaluation board liaison officer, to help steer them through the entire Army process until they separate.
On June 22, the physical evaluation board evaluated Jackson's status and determined him unfit to continue naval service due to the disability caused by his intentional misconduct.
Recommendation: To address the disparity in timeliness of MEB and physical evaluation board (PEB) case processing for reservists compared with active-duty servicemembers, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Army to explore approaches to improving reservists' case development, such as ensuring adequate documentation of their military duties and medical conditions.
I went to case managers, my platoon first sergeant and the physical evaluation board liaison officer (called a PEBLO), who is supposed to coordinate the process.
Presolicitation: Physical evaluation board liaison officer assistant
If a servicemember has been referred to a Physical Evaluation Board or are going through the joint VA/DoD Disability Evaluation System, he or she may qualify for services to begin planning the transition to civilian life.
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