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By controlling the process conditions, grafts can be produced with a wide range of physical and mechanical characteristics; an example would be a very porous graft allowing rapid cellular ingrowth which could be suited to venous applications.
Initial results of methods to control the size and shape of an alloy's dispersed phase and the resulting effect on physical and mechanical properties were presented by Basil D.
This approach is not without disadvantages: the physical and mechanical properties of the base polymer are affected, and generally not for the better.
They derive many of their unique physical and mechanical properties from the ionic bonds that are formed between the zinc cations and the carboxylate anions (figure 2).
Pittsfield, MA 01201 Phone: (413) 499-0983 Fax: (413) 499-2339 Contact: James Galipeau, lab manager Technical Service: Physical and mechanical property testing of various elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers
The final mixture was then directly poured in the molds, designed in order to obtain the proper test specimens for physical and mechanical characterization.
Since the physical and mechanical properties of a material limit the applications and environments in which it can be used, the versatility and reliability of silicones make them ideal candidates for numerous designs in demanding conditions.
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