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PHRCPennsylvania Human Relations Commission
PHRCPresidential Human Rights Committee (Philippines)
PHRCPhysics Research Center (Iran)
PHRCPalestine Human Rights Campaign
PHRCPublic History Resource Center (est. 1999)
PHRCPublic Health Research Center (Columbia, SC)
PHRCPacific Health Research Council
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Speaking to reporters at CERN, the physics research center outside Geneva where he invented the web, Berners-Lee said users of the web had found it "not so pretty" recently.
Scientists at the Laser Physics Research Center of ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, Russia, have developed a high-power, ultrashort-pulse laser that can be used in a lunar laser locator to measure the distance to the Moon accurately, to within a few millimetres.
The United Nations describes Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi as a senior Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics scientist and former head of the Physics Research Center (PHRC).
(4) Condensed Matter Physics Research Center (CMPRC), Physics Department, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
The pictures painted by AMS, which was assembled at the CERN physics research center near Geneva, could bring to light the universe's so-called dark matter -- material that is so far unaccounted for but necessary to explain what is observable.
The largest research infrastructures for nanotech include the National Laboratory of Synchrotron light (LNLS), the INMETRO metrology institute, Brazilian Physics Research Center (CBPF) and the EMBRAPA center for agricultural research.
Traces of enriched uranium found recently on equipment from the Physics Research Center at the Lavisan military site included at least one sample with an enrichment level of 54 percent, according to diplomats close to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Diplomatic sources in Vienna said Friday analyses have confirmed traces of highly enriched uranium on equipment at the site of the Physics Research Center in Lavisan-Shian near Tehran.
NIST's results will be used by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which will test CICC samples at the Plasma Physics Research Center in Villigen, Switzerland, with current up to 100 000 A and magnetic fields up to 12 T, while controlling the mass-flow rate of the coolant.
Baker, who heads the particle and nuclear physics research center at Hampton.
in Mountain View, Calif., and Jack Steinberger, now at the European physics research center CERN in Geneva, Switzerland -- won the prize for work they did in 1960 to 1962 while at Columbia University in New York City.
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