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PI5Protease inhibitor 5
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Mas de 30 genes de resistencia al tizon bacteriano se han identificado en el genoma del arroz, entre ellos, seis han sido clonados (XA1, XA3/Xa26, xa5, xa13, Xa21 y Xa27), y mas de 60 genes de resistencia al anublo del arroz han sido identificados, de los cuales 10 han sido clonados (Pib, Pi-d2, Pikm, Pi-ta, Pizt, Pi 2, PI5, Pi9, Pi36,y Pi37) (Giri y Laxm, 2000; Babu et al.
Inverting the Microfinance Pyramid: The changing Face of Indian Microfinance', Published by INJELLECAP and sponsored by International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), PI5 Table--II Point of difference between rural and urban micro finances SI.
Last week I purchased a second-hand set of Wilson PI5 irons and over-spent my budget by pounds 10 - not bad considering they are a current model and in great condition.