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POMMPickled Onion Monster Munch (corn snack)
POMMPick Off Mirror Mechanism
POMMPreliminary Operating and Maintenance Manual
POMMPort of Missing Men (book & movie)
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C4, 8pm On the days when we have a comfort lunch of cheese and pickled onion Monster Munch and door-step sandwiches with a king-sized Snickers chaser, we'd stick our necks out to say 'Yes, it very probably is'.
Topped with cheddar cheese, rump steak, shoestring onions, Lola's steak sauce, Tennessee barbecue sauce, red onion jam and pickled onion Monster Munch; it all came together in one sticky, meaty bonanza and, despite my scepticism, the Monster Munch were a nice, crunchy touch.
I love pickled onion Monster Munch. And in the name of health, I try to get the kids to eat carrots and hummus!
Crisp lovers were outraged by the decision, and one even threatened to call after discovering pickled onion Monster Munch didn't even make it into the top 10.
He did organise the World Cup Of Biscuits for Comic Relief this year (winner: the chocolate digestive - "I would have got into such trouble if Jaffa cakes had won, my life wouldn't have been worth living"), following his 2016 Twitter-led World Cup Of Crisps (winner: Pickled Onion Monster Munch) so perhaps we should trust his judgement.
There should be a government ruling on weekly consumption of pickled onion Monster Munch.
In those innocent days he was still content to be paid in Wham bars, pickled onion Monster Munch and a can of Vimto.
Nathan put in a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch for when Ryan got to Heaven, where he could do all the things he couldn't do on earth ..."
In the very unlikely event that one does manage to fight his way through the wall of thorns, he'll find that this Sleeping Beauty is now addicted to box sets and pickled onion Monster Munch in bed.