PICNPolyisocyanurate (rigid foam contruction material)
PICNPolymer Infiltrated Ceramic Network (dentistry)
PICNProvincial Infection Control Network (Canada)
PICNProject Implementation Committee in the Netherlands (Asian Women's Fund Atonement Project; Japan Foreign Affairs Ministry)
PICNPublic Interest Convenience and Necessity (broadcasting)
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Phase I of combination chemotherapy of PICN with carboplatin will be initiated this year in the US.
A hundred agricultural producers will benefit from the advance of an irrigation project, which allowed the reconditioning of the Paso Aguerre Main Canal, in the department of Picn Leuf, in the province of Neuqun.
a tist, M rtist, gazine's agazine's Inf I luential Infl fl f uential tou ential Wo th fo rel r ease release i ird MA MAY AYA YA, pl ing Elect playing fi ic Picn ric 20 ic p oducer, mo h r, act v st M moth r, r, r, I er, A .
The Simpson Thacher team included Ris Norman, Rodrigo Surcan dos Santos and Lily Picn (Capital Markets); Rob Holo and Pierce Pandolph (Tax); Jeanne Annarumma and Jason Fixelle (Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits); Adeeb Fadil and Noreen Lavan (Environmental); and Krista McManus (Real Estate).
Tenders are invited for Works and renovation and extension of the supply network of the Triano and Picn districts, guaranteeing the continuity of supply and improving the quality of the water supplied.
Contract award notice:Provision of the educational service of the "Ruiz Jimnez" Children's School in the district of Salamanca, located at Calle Jos Picn, 17, 28028 Madrid, with breakfast, lunch and snack service.
The Simpson Thacher team includes Marni Lerner, Ravi Purushotham, Megan Tweed and Lily Picn (M&A); Adam Shapiro and Christine Marshall (Banking and Credit); Tristan Brown and Paul Barrus (Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits); Rob Holo and Sophie Staples (Tax); Lori Lesser, Amber Harezlak and Linda Nyberg (Intellectual Property); Krista McManus (Real Estate); Adeeb Fadil and Louise Kruger (Environmental); and Peter Guryan, Ellen Frye and Karen Horvitz (Antitrust).