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PQParque (Portuguese: park; postal usage)
PQPourquoi (French: why)
PQParty Quest (online games)
PQProvince of Quebec
PQProcess and Quality
PQParti Québécois (provincial political party, Quebec)
PQProduct Quality
PQPicture Quality (video, tuner, television)
PQPerformance Qualification
PQProductivity and Quality
PQPriority Queue
PQPolice Quest (gaming)
PQPhu Quoc Island (Vietnam)
PQPerceptual Quantizer (high dynamic range TVs)
PQPriority Queuing (TCP/IP)
PQPort Qasim (Karachi, Pakistan)
PQPer Quarter
PQProcess Qualification
PQPlanetQuake (gaming)
PQPersonal Question
PQPhysical Intelligence
PQParliamentary Question
PQPosition Quality (US DoD)
PQPlanet Quest
PQPast Quarter
PQPhysically Qualified
PQParent Questionnaire
PQProgress Quest
PQPronator Quadratus
PQPlan Qualité (French: Quality Plan)
PQPro Querente (Latin: For or on Behalf of Plaintiff)
PQPapier Quadrille (French: Graph Paper)
PQPilot Qualified
PQPerceptual Quotient
PQPartly Qualified
PQPermeability Quotient
PQProvence of Quebec
PQPressure Quantity
PQPenasco Quemado Zone
PQPruned Quadtree
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The EnGo 260 also features enhanced picture quality with auto-transport, adaptive bitrate encoding, and HEVC.
The latest SMART signage innovation is the Samsung QMR/QBR lineup, armed with UHD picture quality as well as cutting-edge intelligent UHD upscaling technology.
Featuring leading-edge self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, Samsung's Micro LED displays deliver unparalleled picture quality, versatility and design.
class="MsoNormalThe biggest news for video quality fans is the confirmation that the highest-end models will get full-array local dimming (FALD) backlights, which could help them better compete against OLED, the incumbent picture quality champ.
LG's AI ThinQ-enabled products including LG OLED TV, LG SUPER UHD TV and LG XBOOM were honored for their high competitiveness in categories assessing premium picture quality, artificial intelligence performance and sound excellence.
LG OLED TV has been praised by renowned consumer reports for being the best TV with unparalleled picture quality and unmatched audio performance.
Developed by Sony picture quality engineers, in collaboration with Netflix color scientists, Netflix Calibrated Mode delivers picture quality approaching that of a master monitor used for standard reference in motion picture production studios.
Unlock the true potential in picture quality with TCL's HDR Pro technology.
Best adaption Resolution (3840*2160) makes an unmatched picture quality.
'Picture quality remains the basic requirement for TV [buyers],' says Coycoy Cordova, senior marketing manager.
HDR10+ provides unprecedented picture quality on all displays with brightness, colour, and contrast automatically optimised for each scene.
Launched recently in India, InFocus LED TVs have received overwhelming customer response for its unbeatable picture quality and viewing experience.