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POJPlenty of Joy
POJPride of Judah
POJPiece of Junk
POJPlane of Justice (Everquest gaming)
POJPlain of Jars (historic sites; Laos)
POJPasteurized Orange Juice
POJPlenty of Jewelry
POJPraxisorientierte Juristinnen und Juristen
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Every time I look at those rusty wheels, I can't seem to get beyond thinking that the car is a piece of junk. It has 68,500 miles on it.
Even by the slapdash, bish–bosh standards of most legislation thrown together in a panic, this piece of junk, railroaded into place two years ago by the Scottish Government, is a peach.
If you happen to have an old wooden door lying around the house, this piece of junk can be repurposed into a display shelf, a corner shelf or book shelf with a little sawing and handy work.
Of course, the gift must be worth giving in the first place: Just as it's inappropriate to give someone a piece of junk you bought, it's also wrong to regift something just to unload it.
Bruce Dern plays 77-year-old father, Woody Grant, who believes a piece of junk mail will turn him into a millionaire.
Perhaps it is best not to trust free books that advertise trades and services by regarding it as just another piece of junk mail and discarding it in the same way.
Should I keep pouting money into this piece of junk?
Useless piece of junk. Maybe I should just set fire to it, see how it liked that.
Kennedy Airport is just 'an expensive piece of junk with no value as a security deterrent', the head of the union representing Port Authority cops has said.
If you just toss your weapon in a box for shipment, moisture can let corrosion turn it into an expensive piece of junk by the time it arrives at its destination.
"I've just got a new computer which allows me to type long emails, unlike that piece of junk I was using before, so here goes!
The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based artist saw in the old, rusty piece of metal "a great piece of junk to not only recycle, but to repurpose." From that revelation, the Land fill art Project (www.landfillart.org) was born.