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PIERSProgress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium
PIERSPort Import Export Reporting Service (US DOC)
PIERSPort Import-Export Reporting System
PIERSPace Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies (New York)
PIERSPassport Information Electronic Retrieval System
PIERSProgram on Innovative Employment Relations Systems (Michigan State University)
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The first part is The Vision of Piers the Ploughman, the second is The Vision Concerning Do Well, Do Bet, Do Best.
In the beginning of Piers the Ploughman Langland tells us how
Two hundred years later, when The Vision of Piers the Ploughman was first printed, the printer in his preface explained alliterative verse very well.
Crowley is his preface to Piers Ploughman, printed in 1550.
As the girl passed on into the shadow of the pier he leaned farther over the rail, and his neck extended in joints like a telescope.
Then, turning over again, she shot past under the pier.
This fellow fell off the pier, and a girl brought him in.
Suppose you fell off a pier, and a girl took a great deal of trouble to get you to the shore, would you say, "Much obliged, but you needn't have been so officious.
Yes, Athos, you may laugh, but as long as we were within gunshot of the pier or of the vessels lying by it I was looking for a frightful discharge of musketry which would crush us.
Weren't you a little shaky by Southend Pier one day, and wanted to be thrown overboard?
Along with fish and chips and sticks of rock, piers became a staple of British seaside life before international travel.
The Tyne Improvement Commissioners had erected a barrier on the south pier to assert that the piers were their property.