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PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit
PVCPremature Ventricular Contraction
PVCPermanent Virtual Connection
PVCPro Vice Chancellor
PVCPocket Velcro Closure
PVCProduct Value Chain
PVCPressure-Volume Curve (diagnostic test)
PVCPigment Volume Concentration
PVCParam Vir Chakra (gallantry award; India)
PVCPrivate Virtual Circuit
PVCPeripheral Vasoconstriction
PVCPublic Venture Capital
PVCPremature Ventricular Complex
PVCPrimary Visual Cortex (neurology)
PVCPoetry vs. Comedy (variety show)
PVCPhoto Voltaic Cell
PVCPulmonary Venous Congestion
PVCPrice Variation Clause
PVCPre-Veterinary Club (various schools)
PVCPrime Vendor Contract
PVCPresent Value Calculation
PVCPlayers Vacation Club (San Diego, CA)
PVCPropane Vehicle Council
PVCPotential Volume Change
PVCPleasant View Church (various locations)
PVCParent Volunteer Coordinator (various locations)
PVCProvincetown, MA, USA - Provincetown Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
PVCPerivascular Cuffing (neuropathology)
PVCPrivate Virtual Connection (BT)
PVCPsychic Vampire Codex (Michelle Belanger book)
PVCPigment Volume Content
PVCPoint of Vertical Curve
PVCPrism Video Converter (NCH software)
PVCPleasant Valley Cemetery (Crawford County, Kansas)
PVCPhotovoltaic Control
PVCPulmonary Valve Closure
PVCPressure/Vent Control
PVCPressure Vacuum Chamber
PVCPostal Vending Machine
PVCPosition and Velocity Computer
PVCPresión Venosa Capilar
PVCPerformance Value Chain
PVCPressão Venosa Arterial (Portugese)
PVCPotential Voltage Change
PVCPressure Volume Compensator
PVCPride of the Valley Chorus (Fox River Valley, WI, USA)
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Table 1: Coating formulations for formation of isolated dry films Pigment blend Parts latex adhesive (parts clay/parts (pigment volume concentration) GCC) 80/20 4 (90.8%) 8 (83.1%) 12 (76.6%) 16 (71.1%) 50/50 4 (90.7%) 8 (82.9%) 12 (76.4%) 16 (70.9%) 20/80 4 (90.6%) 8 (82.8%) 12 (76.2%) 16 (70.6%) Table 2: Coating formulations for formation of isolated dry films over a range of adhesive levels Pigment blend Parts latex adhesive (parts clay/parts (pigment volume concentration) GCC) 50/50 2 (95.1%) 24 (61.8%) 36 (51.9%) 52 (42.85
where [[sigma].sub.p] is the standard deviation of the local polymer or pigment volume concentration and ([[PHI].sub.p]) is the mean or global polymer or pigment volume concentration over the entire volume V of the film under consideration, with,
When the volume concentration of conductive pigments is lower than the critical pigment volume concentration for forming the electrostatic conductive network, that is called percolation threshold; the pigments are separated, thus the film does not have antistatic property.
The pigment volume concentration/critical pigment volume concentration (PVC/CPVC) relationship was 0.8.
Considering pigmented organic coatings as random heterogeneous composite materials was the key to our contributions in improving the understanding of pigment volume concentrations (PVC) and critical PVC effects in coatings.
(24) Bierwagon, G.P., "Critical Pigment Volume Concentration (CPVC) as a Transition Point in the Properties of Coatings," J.
A simultaneous analysis of the experimental data was performed taking into account that the best performance is attained at pigment volume concentration (PVC) values equal to or slightly lower than the critical one (CPVC).
Since its introduction over 50 years ago, (1) the concept of Critical Pigment Volume Concentration has been completely confirmed in coatings literature.
Mg-rich primers were formulated with ~50-micron average particle size magnesium powder, near to the critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC) for this system.
The pigment volume concentration is low at 3.5%, but provides adequate hiding in the thick films typical for polyurea systems.
Continuing its series of Virtual Learning Conferences, the FSCT will host a two-part program on Critical Pigment Volume Concentration in Coatings.