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PFOPatent Foramen Ovale (defect of the heart)
PFOPrincipal Federal Official (US DHS)
PFOProxy Factory Object
PFOProduct Function Optimizer
PFOPersistent Felony Offender (various states)
PFOPyrolysis Fuel Oil
PFOPlaying for Others (teen development program; Charlotte, NC)
PFOPittsburgh Field Office (Pennsylvania)
PFOPinedale Field Office (US DOI)
PFOPersistent Foramen Ovale (cardiology)
PFOPower Fail Output
PFOPaphos, Cyprus - International (Airport Code)
PFOPissed Fell Over (UK medical slang for drunk patient)
PFOProfit From Operations
PFOPyruvate:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase
PFOPerron-Frobenius Operator
PFOPinyon Flat Observatory (earthquake reporting station)
PFOProperty and Fiscal Office
PFOPlutonium Finishing Operation
PFOPink Floyd Online (fan site)
PFOPalustrine Forest (environmental science)
PFOPlease Frig Off (polite form, as in a PFO letter for a refused resume)
PFOPaint Flag Offset (marking underground utilities)
PFOProject Formulation Office (NASA)
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The BLM Pinedale Field Office is scheduled to hold combined Pinedale Anticline Project Area wildlife, air, water and operator planning meetings on Thursday, April 25 from 8:30 a.m.
BLM'S Pinedale field office is permitting 210 more wells.
1 priority." For the past four years the Pinedale field office has done virtually nothing but facilitate drilling applications.
The collapsed culvert was found during a culvert inventory for the BLM Pinedale Field Office watershed restoration project in the LaBarge project area.
Both projects will take place on public lands administered by the High Desert Districts Pinedale Field Office. Fire operations will begin only when conditions are favorable for a safe and effective burn.
For more information, please contact Mark Randall at 307-367-5350 or visit the Pinedale Field Office located at 1625 West Pine Street in Pinedale, Wyoming.
The Jonah Interagency Office (JIO) and Pinedale Anticline Project Office (PAPO) Boards of Directors will meet in Pinedale at the BLM Pinedale Field Office, 1625 West Pine Street on May 3, 2018.
You may visit the BLM Pinedale Field Office in person and get further information.The office is located at 1625 West Pine Street, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941.You may email with additional questions, or call our office at 307-367-5300.
at the BLM Pinedale Field Office located at 1625 West Pine Street, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941.
In keeping with the Departments goal to promote Americas energy independence, the Bureau of Land Management Pinedale Field Office has today released its decision to allow Denbury Resources, Inc.
This includes nine parcels in the Kemmerer Field Office, one parcel in the Pinedale Field Office, 106 parcels in the Rawlins Field Office, and 38 parcels in the Rock Springs Field Office.
The Bureau of Land Management Pinedale Field Office is accepting public comments on the draft Pinedale Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Assessment to determine the appropriate management of the federal fluid minerals estate for 5,120 split-estate acres located about seven miles southeast of Bondurant, Wyoming.