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PFTFProgram for the Future
PFTFPropulsion Flight Test Fixture (US NASA)
PFTFPining for the Fjords (Monty Python)
PFTFProject Face to Face (AIDS awareness)
PFTFPlay for the Flag (Xbox game)
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Pining for the fjords The Naeroyfjord and Fjaerlandsfjord are two needle-thin tributaries of stunning Sognefjord, which, at around 120 miles long and 4260ft deep, is the world's largest fjord.
There's no "extra life,'' no saved game to restart from, no option to continue from roughly the moment before you began pining for the fjords, in the words of the Monty Python crew.
But Defoe had already drilled one yawning chance against the legs of Tromso keeper Marcus Sahlman when they were pining for the fjords after 21 minutes, the England striker supplying a deft finish from Erik Lamela's exquisite first-time pass.
Unless you like truly dramatic scenery, air so pure you want to bottle it and, like me, have always wanted to find out why that Monty Python parrot was pining for the fjords.
1) 'The Dead Parrot' skit: Pet store owner tries to convince [a] disgruntled buyer that a Norwegian Blue parrot is resting or pining for the fjords although the only reason it's still upright is because it's nailed to its perch.
Davis pining for the fjords AWAY from the awards season, The Dikler hears that snooker legend Steve Davis will be ruing his first-round exit from the UK Championship at Telford even more than normal.
Vets In Practice star TRUDE MOSTUE has been pining for the fjords - so she took a cruise around some of northern Norway's most breathtaking scenery
Perhaps he has been pining for the fjords or was putting in an early order for a Christmas tree.
But he will be left pining for the fjords because there is not a single taker for his fading genius among Norwegian first division clubs.
There has been little pining for the Fjords at Stamford Bridge since that farcical night 18 months ago in the Arctic outpost of Tromso, when they came unstuck in a blizzard.
Chelsea took us for a waltz by the Danube in Bratislava and left us pining for the fjords in the teeth of an Arctic blizzard in Tromso.