PIREPacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (Calverton, Maryland)
PIREPartnerships for International Research and Education (National Science Foundation)
PIREPuissance Isotrope Rayonnée Équivalente (French: effective isotropic radiated power)
PIREPalindromic IFN (Interferon) Regulatory Element (genetics)
PIREProceedings of the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers; journal)
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000 morts et qui a fait sombrer le pays dans la pire cri humanitaire de son existence ne semble pas prAaAaAeA?
Est-ce la pire crise depuis que vous AaAaAeAntes devenu l'entraneur de cet quipe en janvier 2016 ?
Pire joins Seeyond from Jennison Associates where he served as Vice President and Acting Head of Product Development and Management.
There will come times when even my mother, who is 95, needs to be explosive," said Pire, author of Plyometrics for Athletes at All Levels.
There is no physiological reason we lose significant muscle mass, strength and mobility as we age, Pire said, other than that we tend to move less.
To get the most from it, readers are required to bring quite a sophisticated level of intertextual knowledge to bear on both the written text and the illustrations (for example, Vampa lives in Lugosi Lane whilst the Pire family live on Nosfer Avenue).
El diagrama de radiacion de las antenas de los satelitales tiene un haz de borde definido, al cual se refieren los valores de PIRE, G/Ty la densidad de flujo.
El lenguaje digital en el discurso oral y escrito de los estudiantes; Yeriling Villasmil, Jose Finol y Carmen Pire.
For more information or for a copy of the study, contact Jeanne Phillips of PIRE, at (888) 846-PIRE or jphillips@pire.
Most of those killed in the bombing were Shiite Kurds and Turkmen, Pire said.
If true, assertions by a senior Kurdish official, Sadi Ahmed Pire, marked a shift towards Baathist control of an insurgency so far dominated by fragmented groups, local shaiks and Wahhabi religious leaders.
He became a Third Order Carmelite and was friends with Nobel Peace Prize winner Father Dominique Pire, Dominican theologian Gerald Vann, Jacques Maritain, and Trappist monk Thomas Merton.