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PISGPerl IRC Statistics Generator
PISGProvisional Institutions of Self-Government (Kosovo)
PISGPitcairn Islands Study Group (UK)
PISGPerformance Indicators Steering Group (UK)
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And so, as it turns out, they were: the UDI was not an "Act of the Assembly of Kosovo"; rather, it was the product of private citizens who also happened to be members of the Assembly (and other parts of PISG):
[paragraph] 5 (finding, to the contrary, that the authors declared in the misuse of their capacity as members of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG), such that the declaration was ultra vires and void).
As the international status process progressed in 2006, UNMIK continued to work with the PISG on implementing the standards.
Information on domestic narcotics consumption is not systematically gathered, but PISG and UNMIK officials agree that there is a growing local market and that illegal drug use is on the rise.
Government discusses religious freedom issues with UNMIK, the PISG, and religious representatives as part of its overall policy to promote human rights.
In 2006 the PISG took on greater responsibility for anti-trafficking, with the police anti-trafficking unit transitioning from UNMIK Civilian Police to the Kosovo Police Service (KPS).
(4) PISG comprises a presidency, an assembly with 120 elected members and a cabinet of 10 ministers, headed by the Prime Minister.
In terms of the Indians speaking Welsh, George Catlin, who stayed with the Mandans for several months in 1833, claimed among the coincidences between Mandan and Welsh, is that fish in Mandan is pysg and in Welsh it is pisg.
As contemplated in Resolution 1244, and after elections in May 2001, UNMIK established a Constitutional Framework for the Provisional Self-Government of Kosovo, leading to the creation of the "Provisional Institutions of Self-Governance" (PISG).
In May 2005, the PISG published an action plan to consolidate all relevant anti-trafficking actors and actions under one framework.