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PISGProvisional Institutions of Self-Government (Kosovo)
PISGPitcairn Islands Study Group (UK)
PISGPerformance Indicators Steering Group (UK)
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1244, supra note 88, [paragraph][paragraph] 10, 11(e) (authorizing establishment of an international civilian presence to serve as interim administrator over Kosovo charged with, inter alia, overseeing the PISG and facilitating a political process designed to determine Kosovo's status).
As the international status process progressed in 2006, UNMIK continued to work with the PISG on implementing the standards.
There have been a few reports of seizures of large quantities of precursor chemicals in Kosovo, but PISG and UNMIK officials have found no direct evidence of narcotics refining labs.
In 2001 UNMIK promulgated the Constitutional Framework for Provisional Self-Government in Kosovo, which incorporates international human rights conventions and treaties, including those provisions that protect religious freedom and prohibit discrimination based on religion and ethnicity; UNMIK and the PISG generally respected this right in practice.
In 2006 the PISG took on greater responsibility for anti-trafficking, with the police anti-trafficking unit transitioning from UNMIK Civilian Police to the Kosovo Police Service (KPS).
4) PISG comprises a presidency, an assembly with 120 elected members and a cabinet of 10 ministers, headed by the Prime Minister.
Now, the claim that these officials were acting in a parallel personal capacity struck many observers and intervening parties (and dissenting judges) (166) as attenuated; they considered it obvious that these were PISG institutions acting, a conclusion that for most logically meant the UDI was ultra vires.
After six years of international community assistance, the PISG must still fully address interethnic reconciliation and make further progress on implementing the "Standards for Kosovo," which help provide the framework for establishing a multiethnic, sustainable democratic society.
In May 2005, the PISG published an action plan to consolidate all relevant anti-trafficking actors and actions under one framework.
Contract award notice: Providing continuous technical support for the SDMS software and the Spatial Information System of the PISG.
UNMIK and PISG continue to cooperate closely with the United States and other governments in sharing information and investigating terrorist-related groups and activities.
The PISG is leading the effort to create a Kosovo Action Plan and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for assisting internal trafficking victims.