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PITOTPowered Industrial Truck Operator Training (standard; US OSHA)
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11, 2014 without repairing or replacing the pitot tubes, the FAA alleges.
Pitot heat was applied immediately but was overwhelmed and airspeed indication was lost.
In 2015, the company completed construction of its advanced icing wind tunnel and soon after successfully qualified the industry's first air data sensor, a pitot probe, to the full Appendix D envelope.
John, the Pitot House is the only Creole colonial country house that is open to the public in New Orleans.
After flying, some folks forget to turn off the pitot tube heater.
The original Pitot Tube pumps (one duty and one standby) had been in operation for some time supplying high pressure water from a holding tank to the filter screen pressure jets and the wash-down lances around the plant.
This accident, Northwest Airlines Flight 6231, serves as the poster-child for a specific kind of pitot-stat-ic system failure, the kind in which the pitot tube becomes clogged or iced over, preventing oncoming air from entering the airspeed indicator (ASI).
D-B] represent the separation distance between the upstream Pitot tube static pressure ports and the entrance plane of the frame, and the exit plane of the frame and the downstream Pitot tube static pressure ports, respectively.
Pitot tube warning caused Scoot inaugural flight turnaround in Singapore A pitot tube warning and a medical emergency of a passenger delayed the June 5 inaugural flight of Scoot, Singapore AirlinesO new medium- to long-haul low-cost carrier, by more than an hour.
His own fault investigation raised the suspicion of "malicious interference" with concerns a pitot tube on the Red ARV Super2 had been blocked by glue or another resin.
With its large diaphragm area and integral Pitot tube booster, the regulator is designed for quick and smooth response to excessive pressure relief requirements, particularly within low-pressure settings.
Improbable factors attributed to the accident include the icing of the Pitot probes which led to the disconnection of the autopilot, the loss of associated pilot control protections and considerable roll movements followed by the stalling of the aircraft at high altitude which could not be recovered and then the aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at high speed.