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PLAPhpLdapAdmin (PHP tool for LDAP Server Administration)
PLAPhone Losers of America
PLAPrêt Locatif Aidé (French: Assisted Rental Loans)
PLAPlain Language Address
PLAParticipatory Learning Approach (pedagogy)
PLAPull Accumulator from Stack (6502 processor instruction)
PLAPortland Leather Alliance
PLAPerformance Level Assessment
PLAPartial Look-Ahead
PLAPractice Low Approach (FAA)
PLAParticipatory Learning Appraisal
PLAPurchased Life Annuity
PLAPower Level Angle
PLAProfessional Loadmaster Association
PLAPacific Legal Advisory (Bangkok & Thailand law firm)
PLAPool Leagues of America
PLAPartido Liberal Andaluz
PLAProcurement Liaison Auditor (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
PLAPlanar Loop Antenna (wideband antenna)
PLAPathology Laboratory Associates, Inc (Tulsa, OK)
PLAPower Level Actuator
PLAProactive Logistics Assessment
PLAProbabilistic Luck Assessment
PLAPlanned Labor Application
PLAPylon Loading Adapter
PLAPower Lever Angle Actuator
PLAPensacola Lighthouse Association (Florida, USA)
PLAPower-Loading Agreement (coal mining; UK)
PLAPlease Leave Alone
PLAPre-school Learning Alliance (London, UK)
PLAParticipatory Learning and Action
PLAPetroleum Licensing Authority (UK)
PLAProliteracy America (education)
PLAPalestine Liberation Army
PLAPermanent Loan Agreement
PLAPublic Land Acquisition
PLAProject Labor Agreements
PLAPrincipal's Leadership Award
PLAPayday Loan Act
PLAPublic Lands Act (Canada)
PLAPaya Lebar Air Base
PLAAmerican Plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides)
PLAPublic Library Authority (various locations)
PlaPlasminogen Activator
PLAParachute Landing Area
PLAProfessional Labor Assistant
PLAPrincipal Leadership Academy (various locations)
PLAPennsylvania Library Association
PLAProperty Law Act (various locations)
PLAProvincial Liberal Association (Ontario, Canada)
PLAPaola (postal locality, Malta)
PLAPelvic Lymphadenectomy
PLAPersonal Loan Agreement
PLAPolylactic Acid
PLAPure Love Alliance
PLAProduct License Application (FDA)
PLAPakistan Library Association
PLAPlucked from the Air (budgeting method)
PLAPort of London Authority
PLAPierce Leahy Archives
PLAPatent License Agreement
PLAPeople's Liberation Army (China)
PLAProgrammable Logic Array
PLAPublic Library Association
PLAPrior Learning Assessment
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This indicated that the starch granules might restrict the molecular motion of the PLA matrix, resulting in decreased crystallinity.
La degradacion hidrolitica de los compuestos de PLA se realizo durante 96 horas bajo reflujo (usando un montaje en serie de un sistema Soxhlet) de una solucion buffer de fosfato de sodio ([Na.
Also, Corbion and Succinity, a joint venture between BASF and Corbion Purac, are promoting a model biopolymer compound of PLA and PBS (polybutylene succinate) that offers strong heat resistance, balanced mechanical properties, biodegradability and a high biorenewable content.
Later, the PLA Flotilla Commander alongwith the commanding officers of the participating PLA ships also called on senior officials of Pakistan Navy including Pakistan Fleet, Commander Coast and Commander Karachi.
The more PLA content was added the lower elongation at break of the PBAT biodegradable composite films was (as shown in Table 2).
Ma Hongbin and his son Ma Dunjing were two Muslim Generals who led a Muslim PLA unit, the 81st corps.
The special characteristics of PLA, such as its generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status, its biodegradability and its being a bioresource, places PLA in a unique position for food applications.