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The cost of Real Estate Counseling in a Plain Brown Wrapper is $19.
And, although this brother loudly professed his preference for women "in a plain brown wrapper," he turns out to have many conquests across a broader array of hues.
Mail-order gum would be delivered in plain brown wrappers with the postage costing less than the levy.
London, Nov 21 (ANI): Tobacco companies could soon be forced to sell cigarette in plain brown wrappers, as a part of the UK Government's effort to stop young people picking up habit.
Music, clothes, books, items of a personal nature that come in plain brown wrappers.
Such was Alex Steinweiss' notion back in 1939 to turn plain brown wrappers covering records into works of art.
Some commentators have called for erotica's hasty return to adult bookstores, to the plain brown wrappers, to the secret place at the bottom of the dresser drawer.
Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt" author Suzi Parker plows into the fertile but cautionary sexual mores of the South where plain brown wrappers hide more than girlie mags.
Match programmes would come in plain brown wrappers and the order at the refreshment stalls might be two bovrils, six oysters and a rhino horn burger.