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They used to call the telephone system POTS, "Plain Old Telephone Service," because everybody got the same thing--the choice was rotary or touch tone.
Talk to the old-timers in the rural telecommunications industry for any length of time and one of them is sure to toss out the acronym POTS plain old telephone service. While it sounds humble, its origins hark back to the enormous undertaking of bringing dial tone out to rural America.
Since a high-definition voice signal cannot fit through the frequency constraints of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), the HD benefit will be limited to end-to-end IP calls.
Cisco's VoIP line brings a new level of serviceability to POTS (plain old telephone service)."
The few VoIP services offered today, primarily in international long distance, have yet to deliver the same high-quality voice available with POTS (plain old telephone service).
The evolution from a "plain old telephone service" provider to a diversified, leading-edge communications company has posed other challenges for VTCI, which offers a picture of what other rural telcos can expect if they, too, want to create an image as a provider of diverse advanced communications services.
Second, it can be connected at the telco switch/cross-connect location either in a plain old telephone service (POTS) environment or over T1.
Continuity is easily tested using the plain old telephone service (POTS).
Unfortunately, there are many different types of customers: residential and business, plain old telephone service and DSL, and the list goes on.
AT&T estimates that a regular plain old telephone service (POTS) line has a reliability rating of 75%, while a digital connection is close to 100%.