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Mohamad Najeb, who was the first plaintiff's witness also said that the two defendants were holding these shares merely as registered owners, not beneficial owners.
The defense also called into question a plaintiff's witness who claimed to see the wobbling wheel on Tate's truck.
The court summoned the plaintiff's witness in the next hearing scheduled for July 17.
Thus, one should say "plaintiff's witness" or "defendant's witness," not "plaintiff witness" or "defendant witness." Well, readers can choose between being legal and being grammatical.
This approach may well create the impression that, unlike the plaintiff's witness, the defense is mindful of and respects the jury's and judge's time.
The court ruled that in view of the fact that the trial court abused its discretion, and held that despite the fact that the trial court stated that it "carefully analyzed the plaintiff's witness declaration," it did not do so.
The court went on to state that it further determined that its decision applied retroactively to the parties in the instant case, and, therefore, that the trial court could, on remand, assess the competency of the plaintiff's witness, a registered nurse, to testify regarding the relevant nursing standard of care and medical causation under the common law standard as set forth in another Pennsylvania case, which held that a registered nurse can testify regarding the relevant nursing standard of care and medical causation under the common law standards set forth in other cases.
Although these civil lawsuits are brought against the employer and generally do not involve the workers' compensation carrier directly, chances are strong that the claim adjuster will be on the plaintiff's witness list and, therefore, be subpoenaed for deposition and possibly trial.
Learn how to protect your organization from the expert who is called to defend companies or advocate the injured party's case as the plaintiff's witness. And, learn steps to safeguard your organization through effective risk assessments and security audits, and make sure that your practices and policies will demonstrate that you acted reasonably.
Arlene Scanlan, agent who has represented Wrench since it launched Psycho Chihuahua in the mid-'90s, was the principal plaintiff's witness at the trial, testifying about development work on the chihuahua character for Taco Bell after the company approached Wrench following the 1996 Licensing Show.
The plaintiff's testimony was conflicting, and testimony from a key plaintiff's witness was problematic upon cross-examination.
'We will take a 15 minutes' recess while the plaintiff's witness is briefed by their counsels over how to answer questions with direct answers,' said Roslan.