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PQParque (Portuguese: park; postal usage)
PQParty Quest (online games)
PQParti Québécois (provincial political party, Quebec)
PQPerformance Qualification
PQPer Quarter
PQParliamentary Question
PQPast Quarter
PQPhysically Qualified
PQParent Questionnaire
PQProgress Quest
PQPronator Quadratus
PQPlan Qualité (French: Quality Plan)
PQPapier Quadrille (French: Graph Paper)
PQPilot Qualified
PQPerceptual Quotient
PQPartly Qualified
PQPermeability Quotient
PQPressure Quantity
PQProvence of Quebec
PQPenasco Quemado Zone
PQPruned Quadtree
PQPersonal Question
PQPolice Quest (gaming)
PQProcess and Quality
PQPourquoi (French: why)
PQProductivity and Quality
PQPicture Quality (video, tuner, television)
PQPort Qasim (Karachi, Pakistan)
PQPlanet Quest
PQPro Querente (Latin: For or on Behalf of Plaintiff)
PQProduct Quality
PQProcess Qualification
PQPriority Queuing (TCP/IP)
PQProvince of Quebec
PQPriority Queue
PQPlanetQuake (gaming)
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PlanetDOOM is from the creators of PlanetQuake (www.
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