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PLDAPrivate Loop Direct Attach
PLDAProfessional Lighting Designer's Association (various locations)
PLDAPlanning Data
PLDAPiecewise Linear Discriminant Analysis
PLDAProfessional Layout Digital Assistant (Adobe Acrobat plug-in)
PLDAPeripheral Low-Density Area
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The new route and flight planning data import capabilities provides access to essential information from multiple sources, including third-parties, to establish a single resource for managing the planning and operation of flights.
With speech and sketch interfaces from Adapx, soldiers can enter intelligence and planning data into existing C4ISR and Command and Control (C2) systems by simply sketching standard military symbols and speaking standard jargon.
Users can access the Water Planning Guide through the CASCOM Planning Data Branch website at https:// Water.htm or through the Quartermaster Center and School Petroleum and Water Department website at
It also cuts planning cycle time by automating previously manual data preparation processes and reduces data errors by integrating internal and syndicated P-O-S data, plus financial, loyalty, panel, and space planning data.
The case study here describes the process of developing strategies and tools to meet the needs of strategic planning data collection and reporting that may be informative to professionals charged with similar tasks.
Either of the two ECMOs in the rear cockpit can download mission planning data from a laptop onto the aircraft systems during preflight, and provide redundant control ability during the mission," Stewart explained.
This report examines selected agencies' implementation of this guidance and OMB's use of long-term capital planning data.
Behind the scenes, PPR Hub for Manufacturing is a three-tier Oracle relational database that manages product structures, product variants, as well as all planning documents; provides enterprise-wide access to all planning data; and links to Delmia software through programmable application interfaces.
The sourcebook will be continually updated with Y2K planning data.
But he claims E.piphany e.4 for E-Commerce is the first application that lets firms integrate their web commerce data with the rest of their enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource pLANning data. It also enables companies to bring in data from external sources, such as Acxiom Data Network demographic data, to get a better handle on their customers likely buying patterns and preferences according to region, age, sex, income and so on.
Strategic planning data, when compared among diverse jurisdictions or geographic areas, yield information on defense practices that, given a desired cost parameter, are more likely to result in desired case outcomes (benchmarking).
Based on product information, engineering specifications and planning data, inventory control helps determine what's on hand, what has been allocated and ordered and what needs to be ordered (either from within a plant or from an outside vendor) to meet demand.
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