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PIOJPlanning Institute of Jamaica
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[5.] Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Statistical Institute of Jamaica.
In Jamaica, statistics from the Planning Institute of Jamaica and Statistical Institute of Jamaica (2007) revealed that poverty is substantially a rural phenomenon and that the more of the wealthy live in urban area, then more urban dwellers having Health insurance coverage is reinforcing the literature that more money provide access to a wider spread of goods and services outside of basic necessities.
The 2004 national report prepared by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) noted that Jamaica is behind in attaining some of the MDG 2015 target values.
Mrs Francis is a member of the Development Council, a committee of the Cabinet of Jamaica responsible for policy development for the country, as well as a Board member of the National Investment Bank of Jamaica and the Planning Institute of Jamaica. In 2004 she completed her second term as President of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, which under her leadership expanded its membership to 165 agencies in over 140 countries while increasing the level of service provided to its members.
Despite the significant reduction in national poverty in Jamaica, in 2007, 15.3% of rural residents were living in poverty compared to 6.2% of urban and 4.0% of semi-urban Jamaicans (Planning Institute of Jamaica and Statistical Institute of Jamaica, 2008).
= 1.1) compared to the acceptable level of 1 to 1.01 person per habitable room (Planning Institute of Jamaica and Statistical Institute of Jamaica, 2006: 54-55).
Statistics from the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ & STATIN, 2008) revealed that in 1997, 19.9% of Jamaicans were poor.
(11) Planning Institute of Jamaica. Millennium Development Goals,
The accords will cover support to the road sector program; rehabilitation of the Negril and Ocho Rios Waste Water Treatment Plants; a technical cooperation facility; and institutional strengthening for the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).
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