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The Plant Breeders Rights Act promulgated towards the end of 2016 is an example.
LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) the other day heard a petition filed by Non-Governmental Oganisation (NGO) Human Voice regarding the impugned Plant Breeders Rights Act 2016 passed by the National Assembly (NA) and directed Punjab government to produce a resolution passed by Punjab Assembly in this regard.
Since the cotton was one of the major export product, the government has been working with provincial governments to formulate and enforce a policy to halt conversion of cotton growing area into sugarcane growing area while Plant Breeders Rights Act has been recently enacted to help produce higher yield varieties of cotton and other crops locally through availability of better quality seed.
He said "The enactment of Plant Breeders Rights Act is one such positive step towards creating a business enabling environment for the industry, however, adequate implementation remains a concern due to the lack of institutional capacity."
The Plant Breeders Rights Act, 2016 was passed to encourage the development of new plant varieties and to protect the rights of breeders of such varieties.
The Seed Act and Plant Breeders Rights Act are under consideration in the parliament and hopefully these will be passed soon, Ahmad hoped.
The standing committee directed the Ministry of National Food Security to hold consultative sessions with all concerned stakeholders and submit a report on inviting international seed companies for hybrid seed production technology to Pakistan following the enforcement of Plant Breeders Rights Act.
He said the Plant Breeders Rights Act would be activated within a month.