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PZNPersoonlijk ZorgNetwerk (Dutch)
PZNPaedagogisches Zentrum Nationalpark (German: National Park Education Center)
PZNPlasma Zinc
PZNPost-Zoster Neuralgia
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(2005) Relationship of serum and seminal plasma zinc levels and serum testosterone in oligospermic and azoospermic infertile men.
Therefore, 53 healthy young male subjects (age: 13 [+ or -] 1 years; body mass: 48 [+ or -] 10 kg; stature: 160 [+ or -] 10 cm; plasma zinc: 12.2 [+ or -] 2.2 [micro]mol/L) participated in the study.
We also lacked information on the education level of the participants, plasma zinc levels, and inflammatory markers that might also have confounded our results.
Plasma Zinc and Copper Levels in school children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
The relationship between bone health and plasma zinc, copper lead and cadmium concentration in osteoporotic women.
It is also considered that hypozincaemia in malignant diseases is related to the decreased albumin fraction, which combines with about 60% of plasma zinc and serves as a transporter of the metal.
Predictors of plasma zinc concentrations in children with acute diarrhea.
Interactions between zinc transporter-8 gene (SLC30A8) and plasma zinc concentrations for impaired glucose regulation and type 2 diabetes.
Plasma zinc concentration was measured using an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS, Agilent 7700, Santa Clara, CA, USA).
(18) They used a new formulation that released the zinc slowly, preventing gastric irritation and prolonging elevated plasma zinc levels, allowing once-a-day administration.
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