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PZCPlanning and Zoning Commission (various locations)
PZCProvinciale Zeeuwse Courant (Dutch: Provincial Zeeland Courant; newspaper; Netherlands)
PZCProvidence Zen Center (Rhode Island; est. 1972)
PZCPoint of Zero Charge
PZCPureZC (videos)
PZCPlasma Zinc Concentrations (pediatrics)
PZCPerilesional Zonal Cloning (arthroscopy)
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Predictors of plasma zinc concentrations in children with acute diarrhea.
Comparison of the effects of zinc delivered in a fortified food or a liquid supplement on the growth morbidity and plasma zinc concentrations of young Peruvian children.
Relationship between pre pregnancy BMI and plasma zinc concentrations in early pregnancy.
Although it has been shown that changes in immune response occur before reductions in plasma zinc concentrations are apparent, specific and sensitive enzyme markers for zinc status remain elusive [19].
However, zinc cream had no effect on people with normal plasma zinc concentrations.
Australian dietary surveys have identified low zinc intakes in preschool children and adolescents, (12,13) but biochemical screening of preschool children across a range of socioeconomic status showed that plasma zinc concentrations were within the normal range.
Plasma zinc concentrations were analyzed blindly by atomic absorption spectroscopy; precautions were taken against trace-metal contamination.
Plasma zinc concentrations in all tubes other than EDTA showed no statistically significant differences when compared with the royal-blue heparinized tube.
22 At the onset of infection, plasma zinc concentrations decline rapidly by 10-69% and zinc supplementation in zinc deficient subjects may improve host responses in acute infection.
Reduced serum or plasma zinc concentrations and urinary zinc have also been reported in women with osteoporosis [15-18].
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