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PZLPanstwowe Zaklady Lotniczc (State Aviation Works)
PZLPolski Zwiazek Lowiecki (Polish: Polish Hunting Association; Poznan, Poland)
PZLPrazska Zimni Liga (Czech: Prazska Winter League)
PZLPlasma Zinc Level (experimental medicine)
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The plasma zinc level was estimated in the same patients after treatment.
1,7,8] Study by Bahl et al showed a positive correlation between low plasma zinc level and greater susceptibility to infections.
We report a case of acquired zinc deficiency in a premature 6-week-old boy with typical skin manifestation of zinc deficiency and decreased plasma zinc level.
The plasma zinc level did not show the effect of feeding fortified diet, however the zinc concentration in the liver increased as a result of fortification.
As the plasma mineral levels of chickens were examined, depending on the increased inclusion levels of organically complexed minerals (L2 and L3), the plasma copper level decreased while the plasma zinc level increased (p<0.
Orsetti) nvestigated the effect of zinc loss upon the muscle functions and they found that plasma zinc level showed a decrease of 67% as a result of isokinetic extension.
Acquired zinc deficiency can't be diagnosed on the basis of a low maternal plasma zinc level because maternal breast milk zinc levels are independent of maternal blood levels.
Serum zinc and seminal plasma zinc levels were measured for analysis, said the study.
We also lacked information on the education level of the participants, plasma zinc levels, and inflammatory markers that might also have confounded our results.
18) They used a new formulation that released the zinc slowly, preventing gastric irritation and prolonging elevated plasma zinc levels, allowing once-a-day administration.
1980), but no significant increment in plasma zinc levels or improvement in taste disturbance was observed in later studies (Matson et al.
Ozone administration resulted in significant reduction of glutathione peroxidase activity, plasma zinc levels and plasma and Red Blood Cells antioxidant capacity.
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