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PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PBGAPseudo-Bacterial Genetic Algorithm
PBGAPotomac Basin Group Associates (est. 1971; Beltsville, MD)
PBGAPennsylvania Beagle Gundog Association, Inc.
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The firm noted that shipment of plastic ball grid array boards with flip chip packaging posted the strongest growth among product lines in July mainly because of strong demand of the PC industry.
The 64 MB Flash is in a 13 mm X 22 mm, 159 plastic ball grid array (PBGA) 286 [mm.sup.2].
All test devices were overmolded plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages having 1.0 mm BGA ball pitch and ranging in body size from 23 X 23 mm to 37.5 X 37.5 mm.
It supports a wide variety of BGA formats including single devices in boats or trays and strip devices in magazines with the capability to process chip scale packages, plastic ball grid array, ceramic ball grid array, tape grid array, and connector package types.
The 32MB Flash is in a 13 mm X 22 mm, 159 plastic ball grid array (PBGA) 286 [mm.sup.2].
ASE and Siliconware have reported 80% utilization of their plastic ball grid array (PBGA) production capacity.
The SDRAM is a 208 plastic ball grid array (PBGA), 16 mm X 22 mm (352 m[m.sup.2]) and weighs 2.3 g.
Temperatures for the lead-free boards ranged from a high of 247[degrees]C on the 2,512 resistor board to a low of 239[degrees]C on the plastic ball grid array (PBGA) boards.
Most plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages depopulate the center area of the array or use the center for only power and ground connections.
The first packages were pin grid arrays (PGAs), but this has gradually shifted to greater adoption of plastic ball grid arrays (PBGAs).
The high-density substrate (HDF) consortium consisted of two parts; the first involved members--such as 3M, Agilent Technologies and United Test & Assembly Services--in the design of three package substrate types extending to flex ball grid arrays (FBGAs), plastic ball grid arrays (PBGAs) and flip chips.
Graphic chipmakers have also introduced new semiconductor products packaged using flip-chip interconnects inside plastic ball grid arrays (PBGAs).