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PLAVPolish Legion of American Veterans
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We obtained preliminary virus genome sequences of the MAGV BeAr7272 and AG83-1746 strains, as well as PLAV (strain 75V3066), TLAV (strain 61D240), and FSV (strain 86MSP18), using the 454 FLX pyrosequencing technology platform (454 Life Sciences [Roche], Branford, CT, USA).
Part 2 of Sacred Players uses evidence from a Tretise of Miraclis Pleyinge [sic] and the Croxton Plav of the Sacrament to show how Catholic authorities viewed religious plays in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.
Would you like a beer?" is the greeting of a displaced Albanian living in a refugee settlement in Plav, Montenegro.
The play is dense with references to Irish folklore, which went over my head, but the plav's exploration of Ireland's boom, bust, and debt hardly felt remote.
(2009): "Las pinturas levantinas del abrigo de El Cantalar I (Villarluengo-Montoro de Mezquita, Teruel)", Sagvntvm PLAV, 41, pp.