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"Regardless if we play nice football or not, we've got to be a bit more steely and I don't think we were against Forest."
In "Play Nice: Playground Rules for Respect in the Workplace", Brigitte Gawenda Kimichik and and J.R Tomlinson take things back to basics by applying the rules we all learned on the playground to the modern-day workplace, thus making clear to everyone what is and what isn't OK.
"Swansea have always been a team that play nice football and they've been great to watch.
"Hebburn are flying this season and like to play nice football.
of winning the game, and to play nice football, but credit to them they stopped us playing and didn't give us a minute.
The advice was simple, direct and to the point: "Listen to your teachers; do your best; play nice with everyone; and keep your hands to yourself." Who would've thought this advice would still ring true today?
As we practiced, we often rotated a nock here or there to get bad arrows to play nice with the others, and by the time hunting season came around, we usually had our favorite arrows all picked out.
'Of course, I want to play nice, but what's important now is having that confidence to win even if we don't play well,' said Dooley.
Ahlam, you better play nice if you want to earn 10+ million genuine followers like Lebanese stars Nancy Ajram , Elissa and Myriam Fares.
I understand that the different service organizations have to "play nice" to achieve their goals in Washington.
"Play Nice, Hercules!" is a toddler distillation of the Greek myth of the Twelve Labors of Hercules, in sturdy pasteboard book format.