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POQPublic Opinion Quarterly (est. 1937; Oxford Journals)
POQPart of Question (education)
POQPain Outcomes Questionnaire
POQPeriod Order Quantity (ordering)
POQPlayers of Quality (gaming clan)
POQProtection des Oiseaux du Québec (French: Quebec Bird Protection; est. 1917; Canada)
POQPiss Off Quick
POQPurely Output Queuing
POQProduction Offset Quantity
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We don't want to be losing players of quality like Steven but that's not always in our hands.
That is the most important thing, to have players of quality because that makes a difference.
It is a shame we don't have Cian in the team but we are fortunate we can bring in two players of quality to replace him: RORY BEST
28 ( ANI ): Former Australian cricketer Geoff Lawson has said that Cricket Australia faces three key challenges going into the 2012-13 season: finding six top players of quality and consistency, replacing an aging batting line-up and to show courage to "merge commercial imperatives with the playing health of the game.
While previous summers have seen great influxes of players and Sunderland starting anew, this close season will see a new strategy with the Black Cats only looking to sign three or four players of quality to add to the squad.
I think we've added two players of quality who have a real hunger to play.
Depending on how things go with all parties concerned, Goodall could become a permanent move, but for the moment I feel we have reacted to the situation and brought in two players of quality.
They have players of quality and experience who have been through it all before.
However, it's a shame that certain players of quality who have demonstrated genuine commitment to English cricket and add something to our game will be lost to county cricket.
For a lot of clubs it will be easy, for the top five maybe to bring in eight local players of quality means you will have to bring them through the academy system which normally does not produce too many in England.
Nicolas Anelka may have gone but Megson's side still have players of quality.
United have too many players of quality that cost more than the entire Celtic team.