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POTFPower Of The Force (Star Wars action figures)
POTFPleasures of the Flesh (Exodus album)
POTFPoets of the Fall (Finnish rock group)
POTFPath of the Furon (video game)
POTFPhil of the Future (TV show)
POTFProof of Timely Filing
POTFPercent Operating Time Free
POTFPrice O' The Field (goat pedigree)
POTFPoop on the Floor
POTFPride of the Fallen (game)
POTFPulse of the Frontier (Pokemon card set)
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Some of us find meaning in things divine, some in lofty ideals of patriotism and love, some in written words of long dead folks, some in pleasures of the flesh, some in arms of a beloved, in helping the needy, some in solitude and some in just going wherever the flow takes them.
Amorous detritus left at beauty spots that are used by those pursuing pleasures of the flesh al fresco have promptedSurrey County Councilto find an official location for the practice.
Sex is primeval; it is animal; it is instinctual; its pleasures are pleasures of the flesh. Animal imagery abounds in these pages.
Risking life and limb, they hope to escape a conservative society where every form of contact with women is forbidden other than a family-arranged marriage into a world where pleasures of the flesh are tauntingly visible through advertising and the global media.
Among their topics are post-primordial pleasures: the pleasures of the flesh and the question of origins, pain and medicine in the classical world, pleasure and the medicus in Roman literature, Lucretian pleasure, Alexander of Aphrodisias on pleasure and pain in Aristotle, and Nero in Hell: Plutarch's De Sera Numinis Vindicta.
He falls in with an irresponsible crowd, spending his time drinking, carousing and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. Then a series of scandals sees him banished from St Petersburg.
The woman in the woods, a slave to the pleasures of the flesh, may be the same woman in A Cuckold Story, where in a progression into the future, now married to her lover in the woods, she is also a mistress escaping into an assignation with a blond foreigner.
And although he has forsworn the pleasures of the flesh, he becomes madly in love with her.
By contrast, ''Thanks for Sharing'' is an ensemble piece juggling humor with sober observation of three men intent on overcoming their dependence on the pleasures of the flesh. Making a technically polished directing debut, screenwriter Stuart Blumberg ("The Kids Are All Right'') has in essence crafted the date-night version of the sexaholic's confessional.
More commonly these days, younger American writers who eschew narrative tend to abstain in their fiction, as well, from pleasures of the flesh. The lust that drove Donald Barthelme, to name just one, raises nary a peep.
A study by WomenTALK looked at the bonking habits of more than 1,000 females and concluded that the fairer sex is missing out on the pleasures of the flesh.