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Testing for pleiotrophin could prove useful for monitoring the success of treatment.
Testing for pleiotrophin could prove useful for monitoring the success of treatment, since its levels were highest in patients with advanced cancer and lowest in those who had responded well to chemotherapy, the researchers said.
Compared with the early-stage group, levels of pleiotrophin were 37pc higher in the intermediate group and 62pc higher in the late stage cancers.
Our study suggests that the levels of pleiotrophin are substantially increased in lung-cancer patients, particularly among those with smallcell lung cancer.
The researchers found that adding pleiotrophin, a naturally-occurring growth factor, stimulated a ten-fold expansion of stem cells taken from the bone marrow of a mouse.
They also found that pleiotrophin increased the numbers of human cord blood stem cells in culture that were capable of engraftment in immune-deficient mice.
When they injected pleiotrophin into mice that had received bone marrow-suppressive radiation, they observed a 10-fold increase in bone marrow stem cells compared to untreated mice.
These results confirmed that pleiotrophin induces stem cell regeneration following injury," said Chute.
Perhaps more importantly, systemic treatment with pleiotrophin may have the potential to accelerate recovery of the blood and immune system in patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy," he said.
Given the potency of the effect of pleiotrophin on stem cell expansion, the authors examined whether pleiotrophin provoked blood-forming cells to become malignant.
Chute said that until now, they have not seen any evidence of cancer in mice up to six months after treatment with pleiotrophin.