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PLONKERPerson with Little or No Knowledge
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SARAH Platt (Tina O'Brien, 24) is distraught when TWO glasses of spilled wine ruin her bridal gown - all in front of plonker groom Jason.
I wonder if it's the same plonker at the CPS who decided to prosecute Sarah McCaffery for driving while eating an apple that also pursued the decision to charge Patricia Tabram as a drugs dealer?
If you think your team will win, then back them, you feeble plonker.
If Henman wins, I'll keep the plonker award for good.
his hopes of a final shoot-out with fellow Scot John Higgins killed off by an Irishman who says he sometimes plays like a plonker.
A TRAINEE accountant behaved like a real plonker by trying to sell fake designer goods on Facebook using the name Rodney Trotter from Only Fools and Horses.
The father-of-four, of Stradishall, Suffolk, said: "I feel like a plonker, but the timing of it was perfect.
The workmen were all in hysterics at the antics of this 18ct plonker who was still very much wet behind the ears.
For that reason alone, I will not call him a plonker again as it clearly encourages him.
I can't dance so I'd probably look a plonker, but I never say never.
I can't dance so I'd probably look a plonker but I never say never - I'm game for anything.
David Jason has to be the biggest plonker of all time; having a child at 65.