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PPVPay Per View
PPVPositive Predictive Value (parameter of diagnostic examination in medicine)
PPVPoints Plus Value (Weight Watchers)
PPVPoly (Phenylene Vinylene)
PPVPositive Pressure Ventilation
PPVPars Plana Vitrectomy
PPVPlum Pox Virus
PPVPeak Particle Velocity (mining)
PPVPorcine Parvovirus
PPVPago por Ver (Spanish: Pay per View)
PPVPneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine
PPVPolice Pursuit Vehicle
PPVPulse Pressure Variation
PPVPublic-Private Venture
PPVPurchase Price Variance
PPVProportioning Valve
PPVPower Point Viewer
PPVPlanned Product Value
PPVPolice Package Vehicle
PPVPublic Passenger Vehicle (legal classification; various locations)
PPVPeak-to-Peak Voltage (electricity)
PPVPerturbation Projection Vector
PPVPick-Up Passenger Vehicle
PPVPneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
PPVPedal-Powered Vehicle
PPVPer Page View (web site services billing)
PPVPrivate Passenger Vehicle
PPVProduct Price Variance (economics)
PPVPages Per Visitor
PPVProfessionele Project Verhuizers (Dutch brand for professional usiness movers)
PPVPeople Powered Vehicle
PPVPre Production Verification
PPVPatent Procesus Vaginalis
PPVParent Path Vector
PPVProduct Platform Validation (software/hardware)
PPVPost Production Verification (software development)
PPVPower Price Vector
PPVPoint of Peak Velocity
PPVPrice Point Variance (financial management)
PPVProduct/Process Validation Vehicle (General Motors automotive)
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genotypes infected by Plum pox virus. Plant Sci., 32: 16-18
Elimination of Plum pox virus through in vitro thermotherapy and shoot tip culture compared to conventional heat treatment in apricot cultivar Bebecou.J.
Host and symptoms of Plum pox virus: woody species other than fruit and ornamental species of Prunus.
James, "Real-time RT-PCR and SYBR Green I melting curve analysis for the identification of Plum pox virus strains C, EA, and W: effect of amplicon size, melt rate, and dye translocation," Journal of Virological Methods, vol.
"The completion of this test phase--the most comprehensive testing to date--in areas of Europe where PPV is endemic underscores HoneySweet's success as a tree that's extremely resistant to plum pox virus," says Scorza.
"It's basically immune to the plum pox virus. We've shown that it is resistant to all major strains of the virus that we've tested," he says.
Determining the origin of plum pox virus is a critical step in eradicating this emerging disease that now threatens the $1.3 billion U.S.
Damsteegt inoculated the transgenic trees with plum pox virus to test their resistance.
Working with Ravelonandro, who is with the INRA Centre de Recherche Agronomique in Bordeaux, France, Scorza got the gene for the coat protein directly from the plum pox virus. INRA is the French equivalent of the Agricultural Research Service.
Lanterman, director of the Saanichton Plant Quarantine Station maintained by Agriculture Canada on Vancouver Island, suspected that peaches and Japanese apricots being held in the station might be infected with the devastating plum pox virus (PPV) or another unidentified virus.
Plum pox virus causes peaches, plums, apricots, and several other stone fruit trees to drop their fruit prematurely.